EHS Training Courses

Subject Description Area Links
Avma Modules For Vet Med EHS has approved the use of AVMA-PLIT courses for faculty, staff, and students at the VMC. The Launch Training link refers you to instructions on logging in to the AVMA system. Animal Handler Training
Controlled Substances Awareness Required for research employees who use or have access to controlled substances. Animal Handler Training
Disposal Of Pharmaceuticals; Other Medical Materials, And Feed Recommended for anyone who is involved in research with live animals. This micro-training reviews disposal procedures for unneeded food, supplements, analgesics, anesthetics, fluids, etc. used in research. Animal Handler Training
Occupational Health And Safety For Academic Students Required for academic students who come into contact with live animals during a course. Covers occupational health and safety information that is applicable to students in a class environment. Not for university employees. Animal Handler Training
Waste Management And Segregation At Veterinary Medical Center Required for employees and students who generate or handle regulated waste at VMC. Proper segregation, treatment, and disposal wastes generated at the VMC. Animal Handler Training