EHS Training Courses

Subject Description Area Links
Autoclave Safety Required for anyone operating an autoclave. Developed to address the increase in autoclave-related injuries at MSU and other institutions. Biological Initial Training

Refresher Training
Biological Substance Shipping Required if your job or research involves routine shipping of biological materials and/or packages containing dry ice. In accordance with 49 CFR and the IATA DGR. Not intended for personnel who ship items occasionally -- MSU Logistics or EHS must assist with these occasional shipments. Biological Initial Training

Refresher Training
Biosafety Principles Required for personnel working in environments at Biosafety Level 1 or higher. Biological Initial Training

Refresher Training
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness - Healthcare Students Required for students in the College of Nursing, College of Osteopathic Medicine, or College of Human Medicine. Covers basic information on MSU's Exposure Control Plan. Biological Training
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness - Ipf, Lab Students, Volunteers, Animal Caretakers Basic information on MSU's Exposure Control Plan for IPF, MSU students, laboratory volunteers, and animal caretakers. Biological Training
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness - Residents And Fellows Required for residents and fellows working in MSU facilities. Covers MSU-specific policies and procedures. Prerequisite: regulatory bloodborne training completed through employer. Biological Training
Bloodborne Pathogens Required for MSU employees at risk for occupational exposure to human blood or other human potentially infectious materials, including human cell lines. Fulfills the general requirements under the MIOSHA Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Standard. Biological Initial Training
Investigator Responsibilities Under Nih Guidelines Required short quiz for principal investigators prior to approval of Registration for Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecule Research. Biological Training
Medical Waste Management Required for employees who generate, handle, treat, or dispose of biohazardous waste (including sharps) at MSU. Fulfills requirements of Michigan Medical Waste Regulatory Act (MMWRA). Biological Training
Non-Human Primate Materials Biohazard Required if working with non-human primate materials, such as monkey cell lines or tissues. Biological Training
Non-Medical Sharps Waste Management Required for anyone using sharps (needles, syringes, Pasteur pipettes, microscope slides) in a non-medical/non-biohazard setting. Covers proper handling and disposal in accordance with MSU policies, Federal, and State regulations. Biological Training
Respirator - N95 Required for anyone wearing an N95 respirator. Includes fit-test. Biological Initial Training

Refresher Training