EHS Training Courses

Subject Description Area Links
Asbestos Awareness For new staff members (e.g., maintenance and custodial) working in areas where they may encounter asbestos. Meets objectives outlined by MIOSHA. Scheduled by request. Environmental Initial Training
Asbestos Awareness For Non-Maintnance/Non-Custodial Personnel Annual training for employees who DO NOT conduct maintenance or custodial activities but may work around asbestos. DOES NOT meet the requirements for the training of maintenance and custodial staff set forth by the EPA or DLARA. Do not take this course if your job duties require that you conduct maintenance activities or custodial services; contact your supervisor to schedule training with EHS. Environmental Initial Training

Refresher Training
Miosha Metals Awareness For individuals involved with maintenance activities that may impact coated surfaces, including paint, primer, varnish, and shellac. Compliance with specific standards including Lead (MI part 310/603), Cadmium (MI part 309), and Hexavalent Chromium (MI part 315/604) will be covered. Environmental Initial Training

Refresher Training
Spcc/Pipp Management For employees who handle or manage petroleum products and chemicals in a non-laboratory setting. Meets objectives outlined by the EPA and MDEQ. Environmental Initial Training

Refresher Training
Storm Water Protection For MSU staff whose job duties may impact storm water. Covers best management practices and safety measures to protect this important resource. Environmental Training
Well-Head Protection Program Management practices and safety measures to protect water in MSU's Wellhead Protection area. Environmental Training